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2020Assessing the appropriateness of the management of otitis media in Australia: a population-based sample surveyClay-Williams, R.; Stephens, J.H.; Williams, H.; Hallahan, A.; Dalton, C.; Hibbert, P.; Ting, H.P.; Arnolda, G.; Wiles, L.; Braithwaite, J.; Jaffe, A.; White, L.; Cowell, C.T.; Harris, M.F.; Runciman, W.B.; Wheaton, G.; Murphy, E.; Molloy, C.J.; Ramanathan, S.; Hooper, T.D.; et al.
2020Gestational age and risk of mortality in term-born critically ill neonates admitted to PICUs in Australia and New ZealandNamachivayam, S.P.; Carlin, J.B.; Millar, J.; Alexander, J.; Edmunds, S.; Ganeshalingham, A.; Lew, J.; Erickson, S.; Butt, W.; Schlapbach, L.J.; Ganu, S.; Festa, M.; Egan, J.R.; Williams, G.; Young, J.; Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Paediatric Study Group (ANZICS PSG) and Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Intensive Care Registry (ANZPICR)
2020The efficacy and safety of peripheral intravenous parenteral nutrition vs 10% glucose in preterm infants born 30 to 33 weeks' gestation: a randomised controlled trialSuganuma, H.; Bonney, D.; Andersen, C.C.; McPhee, A.J.; Sullivan, T.R.; Gibson, R.A.; Collins, C.T.
2020Imaging and admission practices in paediatric head injury across emergency departments in Australia and New Zealand: a PREDICT studyPhillips, N.; Dalziel, S.R.; Borland, M.L.; Dalton, S.; Lyttle, M.D.; Bressan, S.; Oakley, E.; Hearps, S.J.C.; Kochar, A.; Furyk, J.; Cheek, J.A.; Gilhotra, Y.; Neutze, J.; Babl, F.E.; Phillips, N.; Dalziel, S.R.; Borland, M.L.; Dalton, S.; Lyttle, M.D.; Bressan, S.; et al.
2020Management of fever in Australian children: a population-based sample surveyHolt, J.; White, L.; Wheaton, G.R.; Williams, H.; Jani, S.; Arnolda, G.; Ting, H.P.; Hibbert, P.D.; Braithwaite, J.
2020Neonatal head injuries: a prospective Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative cohort studyEapen, N.; Borland, M.L.; Phillips, N.; Kochar, A.; Dalton, S.; Cheek, J.A.; Gilhotra, Y.; Neutze, J.; Lyttle, M.D.; Donath, S.; Crowe, L.; Dalziel, S.R.; Oakley, E.; Williams, A.; Hearps, S.; Bressan, S.; Babl, F.E.
2020The effect of patient observation on cranial computed tomography rates in children with minor head traumaSingh, S.; Hearps, S.J.C.; Borland, M.L.; Dalziel, S.R.; Neutze, J.; Donath, S.; Cheek, J.A.; Kochar, A.; Gilhotra, Y.; Phillips, N.; Williams, A.; Lyttle, M.D.; Bressan, S.; Hoch, J.S.; Oakley, E.; Holmes, J.F.; Kuppermann, N.; Babl, F.E.; Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT)
2020Low allergen content of commercial baby foodsNetting, M.J.; Gold, M.S.; Palmer, D.J.
2020Barriers to influenza vaccination of children hospitalised for acute respiratory illness: a cross-sectional surveyCarlson, S.J.; Quinn, H.E.; Blyth, C.C.; Cheng, A.; Clark, J.; Francis, J.R.; Marshall, H.S.; Macartney, K.; Leask, J.
2020Screening, assessment and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents: Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group guidelinesPeña, A.S.; Curran, J.A.; Fuery, M.; George, C.; Jefferies, C.A.; Lobley, K.; Ludwig, K.; Maguire, A.M.; Papadimos, E.; Peters, A.; Sellars, F.; Speight, J.; Titmuss, A.; Wilson, D.; Wong, J.; Worth, C.; Dahiya, R.
2020Risk of traumatic intracranial haemorrhage in children with bleeding disordersBressan, S.; Monagle, P.; Dalziel, S.R.; Borland, M.L.; Phillips, N.; Kochar, A.; Lyttle, M.D.; Cheek, J.A.; Neutze, J.; Oakley, E.; Dalton, S.; Gilhotra, Y.; Hearps, S.; Furyk, J.; Babl, F.E.
2020Characteristics of paediatric frequent presenters at emergency departments: a whole-of-population studyProcter, A.M.; Gialamas, A.; Pilkington, R.M.; Montgomerie, A.; Chittleborough, C.R.; Smithers, L.G.; Lynch, J.W.
2020Evaluation of DNA methylation episignatures for diagnosis and phenotype correlations in 42 Mendelian neurodevelopmental disordersAref-Eshghi, E.; Kerkhof, J.; Pedro, V.; Barat-Houari, M.; Ruiz-Pallares, N.; Alders, M.; Mannens, M.; Henneman, P.; Hennekam, R.C.; Ciolfi, A.; Pizzi, S.; Tartaglia, M.; Campeau, P.M.; Rousseau, J.; Levy, M.A.; Brick, L.; Kozenko, M.; Balci, T.B.; Siu, V.M.; Stuart, A.; Kadour, M.; Masters, J.; Takano, K.; Kleefstra, T.; de Leeuw, N.; Field, M.; Shaw, M.; Gecz, J.; Merla, G.; Ainsworth, P.J.; Lin, H.; Rodenhiser, D.I.; Friez, M.J.; Tedder, M.; Lee, J.A.; DuPont, B.R.; Stevenson, R.E.; Skinner, S.A.; Schwartz, C.E.; Genevieve, D.; Sadikovic, B.; 53rd European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) Conference (06 Jun 2020 - 09 Jun 2020 : Virtual Online)
2020Evaluation of DNA methylation episignatures for diagnosis and phenotype correlations in 42 mendelian neurodevelopmental disordersAref-Eshghi, E.; Kerkhof, J.; Pedro, V.P.; Barat-Houari, M.; Ruiz-Pallares, N.; Andrau, J.C.; Lacombe, D.; Van-Gils, J.; Fergelot, P.; Dubourg, C.; Cormier-Daire, V.; Rondeau, S.; Lecoquierre, F.; Saugier-Veber, P.; Nicolas, G.; Lesca, G.; Chatron, N.; Sanlaville, D.; Vitobello, A.; Faivre, L.; et al.
2020Incidence of type 1 diabetes by socio-demographic characteristics among South Australian children: Whole-of-population studyBegum, M.; Chittleborough, C.; Pilkington, R.; Mittinty, M.; Lynch, J.; Penno, M.; Smithers, L.
2020Association of poor postnatal growth with neurodevelopmental impairment in infancy and childhood: comparing the fetus and the healthy preterm infant referencesCordova, E.G.; Cherkerzian, S.; Bell, K.; Joung, K.E.; Collins, C.T.; Makrides, M.; Gould, J.; Anderson, P.J.; Belfort, M.B.
2020Characterization of upper gastrointestinal motility in infants with persistent distress and non-IgE-mediated cow's milk protein allergyOmari, T.; Tobin, J.M.; McCall, L.; Savage, K.; Ferris, L.; Hammond, P.; Kritas, S.; Quinn, P.; Abu-Assi, R.; Moore, D.; Davidson, G.; Gold, M.; Heine, R.G.
2019Beta cell function in type 1 diabetes determined from clinical and fasting biochemical variablesWentworth, J.; Bediaga, N.; Giles, L.; Ehlers, M.; Gitelman, S.; Geyer, S.; Evans-Molina, C.; Harrison, L.
2019Human placental androgen receptor variants: potential regulators of male fetal growthMeakin, A.; Saif, Z.; Tuck, A.; Clifton, V.
2019Australasian bronchiolitis guidelineO'Brien, S.; Borland, M.; Cotterell, E.; Armstrong, D.; Babl, F.; Bauert, P.; Brabyn, C.; Garside, L.; Haskell, L.; Levitt, D.; McKay, N.; Neutze, J.; Schibler, A.; Sinn, K.; Spencer, J.; Stevens, H.; Thomas, D.; Zhang, M.; Oakley, E.; Dalziel, S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2876