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2021Red blood cell transfusion thresholds in extremely low birth weight infants IIGrace, E.; Keir, A.
2021EBNEO commentaries: An ongoing collaboration advancing evidence-based neonatal careKeir, A.; Bamat, N.; Boyle, E.; ElKhateeb, O.; Wright, C.
2021Safety and efficacy of human milk-based fortifier in enterally fed preterm and/or low birthweight infants: a systematic review and meta-analysisGrace, E.; Hilditch, C.; Gomersall, J.; Collins, C.T.; Rumbold, A.; Keir, A.K.
2021EBNEO Commentary: red blood cell transfusion thresholds in extremely low birthweight infantsGrace, E.; Hilditch, C.; Keir, A.
2021Factors predictive for computed tomography use and abnormality in paediatric head injuries in Australia and New ZealandWilson, C.L.; Hearps, S.J.C.; Tavender, E.J.; Phillips, N.T.; Lawton, B.; Kinnear, F.; Beattie, A.; Mitenko, H.; Young, R.; Cole, J.; Kochar, A.; George, S.; Teo, S.S.S.; Georgeson, T.; Michael, A.; Mukherjee, A.; King, A.; Gamage, L.; Archer, P.; Cassidy, C.; et al.
2021Characteristics of paediatric frequent presenters at emergency departments: a whole-of-population studyProcter, A.M.; Gialamas, A.; Pilkington, R.M.; Montgomerie, A.; Chittleborough, C.R.; Smithers, L.G.; Lynch, J.W.
2021A multi-centre, open label, randomised, parallel-group, superiority Trial to compare the efficacy of URsodeoxycholic acid with RIFampicin in the management of women with severe early onset Intrahepatic Cholestasis of pregnancy: the TURRIFIC randomised trialHague, W.M.; Callaway, L.; Chambers, J.; Chappell, L.; Coat, S.; de Haan-Jebbink, J.; Dekker, M.; Dixon, P.; Dodd, J.; Fuller, M.; Gordijn, S.; Graham, D.; Heikinheimo, O.; Hennessy, A.; Kaaja, R.; Khong, T.Y.; Lampio, L.; Louise, J.; Makris, A.; Markus, C.; et al.
2021Breaching the delivery barrier: Chemical and physical airway epithelium disruption strategies for enhancing lentiviral-mediated gene therapyMcCarron, A.; Farrow, N.; Cmielewski, P.; Knight, E.; Donnelley, M.; Parsons, D.
2021Building a community of practice through social media using the hashtag #neoEBMKeir, A.; Bamat, N.; Hennebry, B.; King, B.; Patel, R.; Wright, C.; Scrivens, A.; ElKhateeb, O.; Mitra, S.; Roland, D.
2021Mild traumatic brain injury in children with ventricular shunts: a PREDICT studyBabl, F.E.; Lyttle, M.D.; Phillips, N.; Kochar, A.; Dalton, S.; Cheek, J.A.; Furyk, J.; Neutze, J.; Bressan, S.; Williams, A.; Hearps, S.J.C.; Oakley, E.; Davis, G.A.; Dalziel, S.R.; Borland, M.L.
2021Selective approach to preoperative echocardiography in esophageal atresiaTanny, S.P.T.; King, S.K.; Comella, A.; Hawley, A.; Brooks, J.A.; Hunt, R.W.; Jones, B.; Teague, W.J.
2021Effect of selenium and iodine on oxidative stress in the first trimester human placenta explantsHabibi, N.; Labrinidis, A.; Leemaqz, S.Y.-L.; Jankovic-Karasoulos, T.; McCullough, D.; Grieger, J.A.; Gilbert, S.; Ricciardelli, C.; Zhou, S.J.; Perkins, A.V.; Roberts, C.T.; Bianco-Miotto, T.
2021Cerebral palsy with autism and ADHD: time to pay attentionGecz, J.; Berry, J.G.
2021Barriers to influenza vaccination of children hospitalised for acute respiratory illness: a cross-sectional surveyCarlson, S.J.; Quinn, H.E.; Blyth, C.C.; Cheng, A.; Clark, J.; Francis, J.R.; Marshall, H.S.; Macartney, K.; Leask, J.
2021'I wish I'd had the option': views about donor human milk among parents with babies born moderate-late pretermKlein, L.D.; Keir, A.K.; Cruz, M.; Rumbold, A.R.
2021Cord blood T cells expressing high and low PKCζ levels develop into cells with a propensity to display Th1 and Th9 cytokine profiles, respectivelyPerveen, K.; Quach, A.; McPhee, A.; Prescott, S.L.; Barry, S.C.; Hii, C.S.; Ferrante, A.
2021Non-absorptive clearance from airwaysDonnelley, M.; Gardner, M.; Morgan, K.; Parsons, D.; Kassinos, S.; Backman, P.; Conway, J.; Hickey, A.
2021The characteristics of SARS-CoV-2-positive children who presented to Australian hospitals during 2020: a PREDICT network studyIbrahim, L.F.; Tham, D.; Chong, V.; Corden, M.; Craig, S.; Buntine, P.; Jani, S.; Zhang, M.; George, S.; Kochar, A.; O’Brien, S.; Robins-Browne, K.; Tosif, S.; Daley, A.; McNab, S.; Crawford, N.W.; Wilson, C.; Babl, F.E.
2021Improving the admission temperatures of preterm infants in the neonatal unitKeir, A.K.; Cavallaro, A.
2021Improving sperm oxidative stress and embryo quality in advanced paternal age using idebenone in vitro - A proof-of-concept studyNikitaras, V.; Zander-Fox, D.; McPherson, N.O.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2943