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2011Risk of adverse health outcomes associated with frequency and duration of deployment with the Australian Defence ForceBleier, J.; McFarlane, A.; McGuire, A.; Treloar, S.; Waller, M.; Dobson, A.
2011A search for new physics in dijet mass and angular distributions in pp collisions at pp √s= 7 TeV measured with the ATLAS detectorAad, G.; others
2011A designed biosurfactant protein for switchable foam controlMiddelberg, A.; Dimitrijev-Dwyer, M.
2011A systematic review of the psychometric properties of self-report research utilization measures used in healthcareSquires, J.; Estabrooks, C.; O'Rourke, H.; Gustavsson, P.; Newburn-Cook, C.; Wallin, L.
2011Measurement of the W⁺ W¯ cross section in √s=7 TeV pp collisions with ATLASAad, G.; ATLAS Collaboration
2011A self-templated etching route to surface-rough silica nanoparticles for superhydrophobic coatingsDu, X.; He, J.
2011A study of trace element contamination in river sediments in Serbia using microwave-assisted aqua regia digestion and multivariate statistical analysisSakan, S.; Dordević, D.; Dević, G.; Relić, D.; Andelković, I.; Duričić, J.
2011Beef cattle selected for increased muscularity have a reduced muscle response and increased adipose tissue response to adrenalineMcGilchrist, P.; Pethick, D.; Bonny, S.; Greenwood, P.; Gardner, G.
2011Whole body insulin responsiveness is higher in beef steers selected for increased musclingMcGilchrist, P.; Pethick, D.; Bonny, S.; Greenwood, P.; Gardner, G.
2011"Special issue on Latin-American research" maritime networks, services structure and maritime tradeMárquez-Ramos, L.; Martínez-Zarzoso, I.; Pérez-García, E.; Wilmsmeier, G.