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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The true role of horizon scanning in Australia: who it informs and whyMundy, L.; Hiller, J.; Merlin, T.
2009Exploring policy makers' perspectives on a clinical controversy: airway surgery for adult obstructive sleep apnoeaElshaug, A.; Hiller, J.; Moss, J.
2009Impact on the Australian Quitline of new graphic cigarette pack warnings including the Quitline numberMiller, C.; Hill, D.; Quester, P.; Hiller, J.
2010The health status of migrants in Australia: A reviewAnikeeva, O.; Bi, P.; Hiller, J.; Ryan, P.; Roder, D.; Han, G.
2012Projected burden of disease for Salmonella infection due to increased temperature in Australian temperate and subtropical regionsZhang, Y.; Bi, P.; Hiller, J.
2008Sharps injury and body fluid exposure among healthcare workers in an Australian tertiary hospitalBi, P.; Tully, P.; Boss, K.; Hiller, J.
2015Trends in migrant mortality rates in Australia 1981-2007: a focus on the National Health Priority Areas other than cancerAnikeeva, O.; Bi, P.; Hiller, J.; Ryan, P.; Roder, D.; Han, G.
2007Places and health: A qualitative study to explore how older women living alone perceive the social and physical dimensions of their neighbourhoodsWalker, R.; Hiller, J.
2003Surfing, self-medicating and safety: buying non-prescription and complementary medicines via the internetBessell, T.; Anderson, J.; Silagy, C.; Sansom, L.; Hiller, J.
2000Mortality variation across Australia: descriptive data for States and Territories, and statistical divisionsWilkinson, D.; Hiller, J.; Moss, J.; Ryan, P.; Worsley, A.