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2002In vitro wear rates of materials under different loads and varying pHShabanian, M.; Richards, L.
2003The nutritional status of 250 older Australian recipients of domiciliary care services and its association with outcomes at 12 monthsVisvanathan, R.; MacIntosh, C.; Callary, M.; Penhall, R.; Horowitz, M.; Chapman, I.
2001Delayed gastric emptying in ventilated critically ill patients: Measurement by 13C-octanoic acid breath testRitz, M.; Fraser, R.; Edwards, N.; Di Matteo, A.; Chapman, M.; Butler, R.; Cmielewski, P.; Tournadre, J.; Davidson, G.; Dent, J.
1998Effects of acute and chronic food restriction on the insulin-like growth factor axis in the guinea pigSohlstrom, A.; Katsman, A.; Kind, K.; Grant, P.; Owens, P.; Robinson, J.; Owens, J.
2003Human wild-type SEDL protein functionally complements yeast Trs20p but some naturally occurring SEDL mutants do notGecz, J.; Shaw, M.; Bellon, J.; de Barros Lopes, M.
2002Cannabinoid receptor agonism inhibits transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations and reflux in dogsLehmann, A.; Blackshaw, L.; Branden, L.; Carlsson, A.; Jensen, J.; Nygren, E.; Smid, S.
2019Psychometric properties of the Child Oral-care Performance Assessment ScaleNair, R.; Do, L.; Luzzi, L.; Brennan, D.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Spencer, A.
2015(Ton)silly seasons? Do atmospheric conditions actually affect post-tonsillectomy secondary haemorrhage rates?Cadd, B.; Rogers, M.; Patel, H.; Crossland, G.
2019Experimental investigation of the reduction of liquid bismuth oxide with graphiteSarafraz, M.; Jafarian, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Nathan, G.
2018SceneCut: joint geometric and object segmentation for indoor scenesPham, T.; Do, T.; Sunderhauf, N.; Reid, I.; IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) (21 May 2018 - 25 May 2018 : Brisbane, Australia)