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2011An examination of maternity staff attitudes towards implementing Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI) accreditation in AustraliaWalsh, A.; Pincombe, J.; Henderson, A.
2005Nursing observations during the first 24 hours after a surgical procedure: what do we do?Zeitz, K.
2002More than a sore mouth: Patients' experience of oral mucositisBorbasi, S.; Cameron, K.; Quested, B.; Olver, I.; To, L.; Evans, D.
2015To receive or not to receive analgesics in the emergency department: the importance of the pain intensity assessment and initial nursing assessmentMuntlin Athlin, Å.; Carlsson, M.; Gunningberg, L.
2001Impact of rural living on the experience of chronic illnessFitzgerald, G.; Pearson, A.; McCutcheon, H.
2002Congratulations you're a mother: a strategy for enhancing postnatal education for first-time mothers investigated through an action research cycle.McKellar, L.; Pincombe, J.; Henderson, A.
2007Planning primary health-care services for South Australian young offenders: A preliminary studyWilson, A.
2003Quantification of glutamine in dried blood spots and plasma by tandem mass spectrometry for the biochemical diagnosis and monitoring of ornithine transcarbamylase deficiencyTrinh, M.; Blake, J.; Harrison, J.; Gerace, R.; Ranieri, E.; Fletcher, J.; Johnson, D.
2005'Fishing with the dead' - recall of memories from the ICUMagarey, J.; McCutcheon, H.
2004Knowledge, attitudes and practices with regard to malaria control in an endemic rural area of Myanmar.Swe, K.; Pearson, A.