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The series consists of digitised copies of the University of Adelaide Calendar which, in the early years, provide substantial information about the University, its operation, courses, students and staff. In later years, information is restricted to course rules and content.

For issues not yet available from this collection, contact the University Archives at or phone 08 8313 5184.


From 1899 to 1901 – included four parts in one volume. From 1902 to 1910 – included five parts. From 1911 - one volume with no reference to parts. Until 1963 – included five parts in one volume. From 1964 to 1969 - included six parts in one volume. From 1970 to 2000 changed to Volumes - Volume 1: formerly Parts 1 & 2. Volume 2: formerly Parts 4 & 5. Volume 3: formerly Parts 3 & 6. From 1970 to 1983 – Volume 3 consisted of the Annual Report and Financial Statements From 1982 to 1997 – included Volume 1A produced biennially. From 1994(?) to 1999 – included Volume 4 which consisted of Student Guide and Timetables. Last reference to a Volume number was in 2000. 2001 to 2010 – separate volumes for undergraduate and postgraduate (no reference to Volume number). From 2011 onwards – one volume for both undergraduate and postgraduate. In 2001, the University implemented a new informatìon systems infrastructure. A consequence of this was the adoption of a new set of nomenclature to describe academic awards and curriculum offerings. The changes in terminology that will be noticed in the 2001 Handbook of Academic Programs are: Academic Program is used to describe academic awards which were previously referred to as Courses. Course is used to describe syllabus offerings which were previously referred to as Subjects. Unit is used to describe the value the course contributes to program completion previously referred to as Points.


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