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The Archives contains the non-current administrative records of the University that are worthy of permanent preservation. The collection dates from the establishment of the University in 1874 and includes University Council and committee minutes, Elder Conservatorium records, early student and staff records, as well as a number of private donations that provide an insight into life at the University. There are also records from student clubs and societies and related institutions including Roseworthy Agricultural College, Waite Agricultural Research Institute, Adelaide Teachers College and the South Australian College of Advanced Education.

Collections in this community

Series 108 University of Adelaide Calendars

The series consists of digitised copies of the University of Adelaide Calendar which, in the early years, provide substantial information about the University, its operation, courses, students and staff. In later years, information is restricted to course rules and content. For issues not yet available from this collection, contact the University Archives of or phone 08 8313 3407.

Series 1388 Australian Federation of University Women [AFUW] Photographs

Series 1388 Australian Federation of University Women [AFUW] Photographs

Series 524 Sports Association Members and Intervarsity Team Photographs

Sports Association Members and Intervarsity Teams

Series 695 Images of University Buildings, People and Events

University buildings, people and events

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