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2009Characterization of 67 Mitochondrial tRNA Gene Rearrangements in the Hymenoptera Suggests That Mitochondrial tRNA Gene Position Is Selectively NeutralDowton, M.; Cameron, S.; Dowavic, J.; Austin, A.; Whiting, M.
2009Declining water quality as a driver of changes to subtidal communities.Gorman, Daniel
2009First record of the woodwasp family Xiphydriidae from Tasmania with a description of a new species and host recordJennings, J.; Austin, A.; Bashford, R.
2008Artificial nest predation rates vary among habitats in the Australian monsoon tropicsNoske, R.; Fischer, S.; Brook, B.
2007What wasp is that? An interactive identification guide to the Australian families of hymenopteraStevens, N.; Stephens, C.; Iqbal, M.; Jennings, J.; Austin, A.
2009Investigating DNA barcoding options for the identification of Caladenia (Orchidaceae) speciesFarrington, L.; MacGillivray, P.; Faast, R.; Austin, A.
2007Phylogenetic relationships in the lizard genus diplodactylus gray and resurrection of Lucasium wermuth (Gekkota diplodactylidae)Oliver, P.; Hutchinson, M.; Cooper, S.
2008Phylogeography of the ancient Parabathynellidae (Crustacea : Bathynellacea) from the Yilgarn region of western AustraliaGuzik, M.; Abrams, K.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Cho, J.; Austin, A.
2008Diversity and distribution of groundwater fauna in a calcrete aquifer: does sampling method influence the story?Allford, A.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Austin, A.
2009Libocedrus macrofossils from Tasmania (Australia)Paull, R.; Hill, R.