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2010DNA barcoding of stygofauna uncovers cryptic amphipod diversity in a calcrete aquifer in Western Australia's arid zoneBradford, T.; Adams, M.; Humphreys, W.; Austin, A.; Cooper, J.
2010Wash and spin cycle threats to tropical biodiversityKoh, L.; Ghazoul, J.; Butler, R.; Laurance, W.; Sodhi, N.; Vega, J.; Bradshaw, C.
2010Vertical distributions of chlorophyll in deep, warm monomictic lakesHamilton, D.; O'Brien, K.; Burford, M.; Brookes, J.; McBride, C.
2010Importance of different carbon sources for macroinvertebrates and fishes of an interlinked mangrove-mudflat ecosystem (Tanzania)Kruitwagen, G.; Nagelkerken, I.; Lugendo, B.; Mgaya, Y.; Wendelaar Bonga, S.
2010Leaf fossils of Banksia (Proteaceae) from New Zealand: An Australian abroadCarpenter, R.; Jordan, G.; Lee, D.; Hill, R.
2010Impact of time since collection on avian eggshell color: a comparison of museum and fresh egg specimensCassey, P.; Maurer, G.; Duval, C.; Ewen, J.; Hauber, M.
2010Wetland conservation and sustainable use under global change: a tropical Australian case study using magpie geeseTraill, L.; Bradshaw, C.; Delean, J.; Brook, B.
2010Casuarinicola, a new genus of jumping plant lice (Hemiptera: Triozidae) from Casuarina (Casuarinaceae)Taylor, G.; Austin, A.; Jennings, J.; Purcell, M.; Wheeler, G.
2010Australia's marine biogeography revisited: Back to the future?Waters, J.; Wernberg, T.; Connell, S.; Thomsen, M.; Zuccarello, G.; Kraft, G.; Sanderson, J.; West, J.; Gurgel, C.
2010Selection of diving strategy by Antarctic fur seals depends on where and when foraging takes placeGoldsworthy, S.; Page, B.; Welling, A.; Chambellant, M.; Bradshaw, C.