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2012Development and characterization of 13 new, and cross amplification of 3, polymorphic nuclear microsatellite loci in the common myna (Acridotheres tristis)Berthouly-Salazar, C.; Cassey, P.; van Vuuren, B.; van Rensburg, B.; Hui, C.; Gardner, M.; Le Roux, J.
2012Isolation via 454 sequencing, and characterisation of microsatellites for Drymodes brunneopygia, southern scrub-robin (Aves: Petroicidae): a species at risk due to substantial habitat loss and climate changeScoble, J.; Lowe, A.; Gardner, M.
2012Divergent Molecular Lineages and Not-So-Cryptic Species: The First Descriptions of Stygobitic Chiltoniid Amphipods (Talitroidea: Chiltoniidae) from Western AustraliaKing, R.; Bradford, T.; Austin, A.; Humphreys, W.; Cooper, S.
2012The Aftermath of Megafaunal Extinction: Ecosystem Transformation in Pleistocene AustraliaRule, S.; Brook, B.; Haberle, S.; Turney, C.; Kershaw, A.; Johnson, C.
2012The influence of authigenic clay formation on the mineralogy and stable isotopic record of lacustrine carbonatesBristow, T.; Kennedy, M.; Morrison, K.; Mrofka, D.
2012Postcopulatory mechanisms of inbreeding avoidance in the island endemic hihi (Notiomystis cincta)Brekke, P.; Wang, J.; Bennett, P.; Cassey, P.; Dawson, D.; Horsburgh, G.; Ewen, J.
2012Difficulties barcoding in the dark: the case of crustacean stygofauna from eastern AustraliaAsmyhr, M.; Cooper, S.
2012Booming during a bust: Asynchronous population responses of arid zone lizards to climatic variablesRead, J.; Kovac, K.J.; Brook, B.; Fordham, D.
2012Strength of sea urchin herbivory and condition from biogeographic to organismal scales.Livore, Juan Pablo
2011Systematic revision of the spider wasp genus Sphictostethus Kohl (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae: Pepsinae)in Australia with description of nine new speciesKrogmann, L.; Austin, A.