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2017Graphene oxide coupled carbon nitride homo-heterojunction photocatalyst for enhanced hydrogen productionRahman, M.Z.; Zhang, J.; Tang, Y.; Davey, K.; Qiao, S.Z.
2017Advent of 2D rhenium disulfide (ReS₂): fundamentals to applicationsRahman, M.; Qiao, S.; Davey, K.
2017Water soluble fluorescent carbon nanodots from biosource for cells imagingTripathi, K.; Tran, T.; Tung, T.; Losic, D.; Kim, T.
2016Fluidized bed co-gasification of algae and wood pellets: gas yields and bed agglomeration analysisZhu, Y.; Piotrowska, P.; van Eyk, P.J.; Boström, D.; Wu, X.; Boman, C.; Broström, M.; Zhang, J.; Kwong, C.W.; Wang, D.; Cole, A.J.; de Nys, R.; Gentili, F.G.; Ashman, P.J.
2016Control of agglomeration during circulating fluidized bed gasification of a South Australian low-rank coal: pilot scale testingvan Eyk, P.J.; Kosminski, A.; Mullinger, P.J.; Ashman, P.J.
2016Microwave assisted laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy at ambient conditionsViljanen, J.; Sun, Z.; Alwahabi, Z.T.
2016Flexible Sn0₂/n-doped carbon nanofiber films as integrated electrodes for lithium-ion batteries with superior rate capacity and long cycle lifeXia, L.; Wang, S.; Liu, G.; Ding, L.; Li, D.; Wang, H.; Qiao, S.
2016Gas to liquids: natural gas conversion to aromatic fuels and chemicals in a hydrogen-permeable ceramic hollow fiber membrane reactorXue, J.; Chen, Y.; Wei, Y.; Feldhoff, A.; Wang, H.; Caro, J.
2016Porous Na3V2(PO4)3@C nanoparticles enwrapped in three-dimensional graphene for high performance sodium-ion batteriesFang, J.; Wang, S.; Li, Z.; Chen, H.; Xia, L.; Ding, L.; Wang, H.
2016Solution processed graphene structures for perovskite solar cellsBatmunkh, M.; Shearer, C.J.; Biggs, M.J.; Shapter, J.G.
2016Postmagmatic magnetite-apatite assemblage in mafic intrusions: a case study of dolerite at Olympic Dam, South AustraliaApukhtina, O.B.; Kamenetsky, V.S.; Ehrig, K.; Kamenetsky, M.B.; McPhie, J.; Maas, R.; Meffre, S.; Goemann, K.; Rodemann, T.; Cook, N.J.; Ciobanu, C.L.
2016Sandwich-like nitrogen-doped porous carbon/graphene nanoflakes with high-rate capacitive performanceZhang, Y.; Tao, B.; Xing, W.; Zhang, L.; Xue, Q.; Yan, Z.
2016Interconnected α-Fe₂O₃ nanosheet arrays as high-performance anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesCai, D.; Li, D.; Ding, L.X.; Wang, S.; Wang, H.
2016Enhancement on the wettability of lithium battery separator toward nonaqueous electrolytesXie, Y.; Zou, H.; Xiang, H.; Xia, R.; Liang, D.; Shi, P.; Dai, S.; Wang, H.
2016Graphene oxide-polydopamine derived N, S-codoped carbon nanosheets as superior bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolutionQu, K.; Zheng, Y.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.Z.
2016Pore size distributions derived from adsorption isotherms, immersion calorimetry, and isosteric heats: a comparative studyMadani, S.H.; Hu, C.; Silvestre-Albero, A.; Biggs, M.J.; Rodríguez-Reinoso, F.; Pendleton, P.
2016A quantitative failure assessment of ice slurry cooling of fish at sea to meet regulatory guidelines - demonstrated with Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii)Davey, K.R.
2016Three dimensional nitrogen-doped graphene hydrogels with in situ deposited cobalt phosphate nanoclusters for efficient oxygen evolution in a neutral electrolyteVasileff, A.; Chen, S.; Qiao, S.Z.
2016Free-standing nitrogen-doped carbon nanofiber films: integrated electrodes for sodium-ion batteries with ultralong cycle life and superior rate capabilityWang, S.; Xia, L.; Yu, L.; Zhang, L.; Wang, H.; Lou, X.W.
2016The phase stability of the Ruddlesden-Popper type oxide (Pr₀.₉La₀.₁)₂.₀Ni₀.₇₄Cu₀.₂₁Ga₀.₀₅O₄+δ in an oxidizing environmentXue, J.; Schulz, A.; Wang, H.; Feldhoff, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1541