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Type: Journal article
Title: Engineered titanium implants for localized drug delivery: recent advances and perspectives of titania nanotubes arrays
Author: Maher, S.
Mazinani, A.
Barati, M.
Losic, D.
Citation: Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 2018; 15(10):1021-1037
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Issue Date: 2018
ISSN: 1742-5247
Statement of
Shaheer Maher, Arash Mazinani, Mohammad Reza Barati and Dusan Losic
Abstract: Introduction: Therapeutics delivery to bones to treat skeletal diseases or prevent postsurgical infections is challenging due to complex and solid bone structure that limits blood supply and diffusion of therapeutics administered by systemic routes to reach effective concentration. Titanium (Ti) and their alloys are employed as mainstream implant materials in orthopedics and dentistry; having superior mechanical/biocompatibility properties which could provide an alternative solution to address this problem. Areas covered: This review presents an overview of recent development of Ti drug-releasing implants, with emphasis on nanoengineered Titania nanotubes (TNTs) structures, for solving key problems to improve implants osseointegration, overcome inflammation and infection together with providing localized drug delivery (LDD) for bone diseases including cancer. Critical analysis of the advantages/disadvantages of developed concepts is discussed, their drug loading/releasing performances and specific applications. Expert opinion: LDD to bones can address many disorders and postsurgical conditions such as inflammation, implants rejection and infection. To this end, TNTs-Ti implants represent a potential promise for the development of new generation of multifunctional implants with drug release functions. Even this concept is extensively explored recently, there is a strong need for more preclinical studies using animal models to confirm the long-term safety and stability of TNTs-Ti implants for real-life medical applications.
Keywords: Localized drug delivery; titanium implants; osseointegration; titania nanotubes
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RMID: 0030099628
DOI: 10.1080/17425247.2018.1517743
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