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Type: Thesis
Title: The Role of Legislation in Ensuring Sustainable Energy Development in Nigeria: Lessons from Kenya
Author: Lawal, Kamoru Taiwo
Issue Date: 2020
School/Discipline: Adelaide Law School
Abstract: Electricity is the most widely used form of energy. Access to electricity is generally recognised as key to achieving sustainable human and economic development. Nigeria has a perennial problem of inadequate electricity supply that now threatens the country’s energy security. A reliance on fossil fuel, the main source of grid electricity in Nigeria, has not led to sufficient electricity generation that can meet the demand for electricity, and its future capacity to do so is doubtful. Nigeria’s energy policy supports the diversification of electricity generation to exploit Nigeria’s abundant renewable energy resources and increase the share of electricity generated from renewables. However, this policy has not translated to additional electricity generation. This is because legislation in Nigeria does not contain provisions to drive the development of renewable energy resources that is required for sustainable electricity generation. In view of the country’s population growth rate, which in turn means more energy demand, Nigeria needs to carefully and vigorously pursue its renewable electricity objectives through a law or laws dedicated to encouraging the generation of electricity from renewables. This thesis examines the role legislation can play in the realisation of sustainable energy objectives in Nigeria. It will do this by undertaking a comparative study of law and electricity generation in Nigeria and Kenya, the latter of which has been held up as a model for renewable energy development by organisations such as the World Bank. This thesis will derive lessons from the development of renewable electricity in Kenya that may assist Nigeria in the achievement of its aspirations to provide electricity on a sustainable basis.
Advisor: Wawryk, Alexandra S
Solis, Manuel Peter Samonte
Dissertation Note: Thesis (MPhil) -- University of Adelaide, Adelaide Law School, 2020
Keywords: electricity
electricity regulation
energy law
renewable energy
sustainable development
sustainable energy
rural electrification programme
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