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2017Adoption of HPAI biosecurity measures: the Chinese broiler industryHUANG, Z.; Loch, A.; Findlay, C.; WANG, J.
2017Secondary gold structures: relics of past biogeochemical transformations and implications for colloidal gold dispersion in subtropical environmentsShuster, J.; Reith, F.; Cornelis, G.; Parsons, J.; Parsons, J.; Southam, G.
2016A directional HF noise model: Calibration and validation in the Australian regionPederick, L.H.; Cervera, M.A.
2016Late Palaeogene emplacement and late Neogene-Quaternary exhumation of the Kuril island-arc root (Kunashir island) constrained by multi-method thermochronometryDe Grave, J.; Zhimulev, F.I.; Glorie, S.; Kuznetsov, G.V.; Evans, N.; Vanhaecke, F.; McInnes, B.
2016Cenozoic forearc gabbros from the northern zone of the Eastern Pontides Orogenic Belt, NE Turkey: implications for slab window magmatism and convergent margin tectonicsEyuboglu, Y.; Dudas, F.O.; Madhava Warrier, S.; Zhu, D.C.; Yi, K.; Chatterjee, N.; Jeong, Y.J.; Akaryali, E.; Liu, Z.
2016A diatom-inferred record of lake variability during the last 900 years in Lützow-Holm Bay, East AntarcticaRudd, R.C.; Tyler, J.J.; Tibby, J.; Yokoyama, Y.; Tavernier, I.; Verleyen, E.; Fukui, M.; Takano, Y.
2016Exhuming the Meso-Cenozoic Kyrgyz Tianshan and Siberian Altai-Sayan: a review based on low-temperature thermochronologyGlorie, S.; De Grave, J.
2016A comparison of diffraction imaging to incoherence and curvatureTyiasning, S.; Merzlikin, D.; Cooke, D.; Fomel, S.
2016Contemporary tectonic stress pattern of the Taranaki Basin, New ZealandRajabi, M.; Ziegler, M.; Tingay, M.; Heidbach, O.; Reynolds, S.
2016Cultural innovation and megafauna interaction in the early settlement of arid AustraliaHamm, G.; Mitchell, P.; Arnold, L.; Prideaux, G.; Questiaux, D.; Spooner, N.; Levchenko, V.; Foley, E.; Worthy, T.; Stephenson, B.; Coulthard, V.; Coulthard, C.; Wilton, S.; Johnston, D.
2016Thermal gradient and geochronology of a Paleozoic high-grade terrane in the northeastern Cathaysia block, South ChinaZhao, L.; Zhai, M.; Zhou, X.; Santosh, M.; Ma, X.
2016Late Permian basalts in the northwestern margin of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province: implications for the origin of the Songpan-Ganzi terraneLi, H.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Lü, L.; Han, L.; Liu, W.; Cheng, Z.
2016Conductivity response to intraplate deformation: evidence for metamorphic devolatilization and crustal-scale fluid focusingThiel, S.; Soeffky, P.; Krieger, L.; Regenauer-Lieb, K.; Peacock, J.; Heinson, G.
2016Natural bitumen stranding on the ocean beaches of Southern Australia: a historical and geospatial reviewEdwards, D.; Vinall, D.; Corrick, A.; McKirdy, D.
2016Subduction initiation of Indochina and South China blocks: insight from the forearc ophiolitic peridotites of the Song Ma Suture Zone in VietnamNgo, T.; Santosh, M.; Tran, H.; Pham, H.
2016Monitoring shale gas resources in the Cooper Basin using magnetotelluricsRees, N.; Carter, S.; Heinson, G.; Krieger, L.
2016Petrogenesis of the Bashisuogong bimodal igneous complex in southwest Tianshan Mountains, China: implications for the Tarim Large Igneous ProvinceMa, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Huang, H.; Santosh, M.; Cheng, Z.
2016Relating permeability and electrical resistivity in fractures using random resistor network modelsKirkby, A.; Heinson, G.; Krieger, L.
2016Magnetic susceptibility of Middle Ordovician sedimentary rocks, Pakri Peninsula, NW EstoniaPlado, J.; Ainsaar, L.; Dmitrijeva, M.; Põldsaar, K.; Ots, S.; Pesonen, L.; Preeden, U.
2016Petrology, phase equilibria and monazite geochronology of granulite-facies metapelites from deep drill cores in the Ordos Block of the North China CratonHe, X.; Santosh, M.; Bockmann, K.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.; Hu, J.; Wan, Y.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 762