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2022Modern human incursion into Neanderthal territories 54,000 years ago at Mandrin, FranceSlimak, L.; Zanolli, C.; Higham, T.; Frouin, M.; Schwenninger, J.-L.; Arnold, L.J.; Demuro, M.; Douka, K.; Mercier, N.; Guérin, G.; Valladas, H.; Yvorra, P.; Giraud, Y.; Seguin-Orlando, A.; Orlando, L.; Lewis, J.E.; Muth, X.; Camus, H.; Vandevelde, S.; Buckley, M.; et al.
2022Ubiquitous karst hydrological control on speleothem oxygen isotope variability in a global studyTreble, P.C.; Baker, A.; Abram, N.J.; Hellstrom, J.C.; Crawford, J.; Gagan, M.K.; Borsato, A.; Griffiths, A.D.; Bajo, P.; Markowska, M.; Priestley, S.C.; Hankin, S.; Paterson, D.
2022Mesozoic building of the Eastern Tianshan and East Junggar (NW China) revealed by low-temperature thermochronologyHe, Z.; Wang, B.; Glorie, S.; Su, W.; Ni, X.; Jepson, G.; Liu, J.; Zhong, L.; Gillespie, J.; De Grave, J.
2022Meso-Cenozoic thermo-tectonic evolution of the Yili block within the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (NW China): Insights from apatite fission track thermochronologyHe, Z.; Wang, B.; Su, W.; Glorie, S.; Ni, X.; Liu, J.; Cai, D.; Zhong, L.; De Grave, J.
2022From microanalysis to supercontinents: insights from the Rio Apa Terrane into the Mesoproterozoic SW Amazonian Craton evolution during Rodinia assemblyRibeiro, B.; Finch, M.; Cawood, P.; Meira Faleiros, F.; Murphy, T.D.; Simpson, A.; Glorie, S.; Tedeschi, M.; Armit, R.; Barrote, V.
2022Pressure-temperature-time constraints on gneiss dome formation in an intracontinental orogenVarga, J.; Raimondo, T.; Morrissey, L.; Kelsey, D.E.; Hand, M.
2022Probing the history of ultra-high temperature metamorphism through rare earth element diffusion in zirconBlereau, E.; Clark, C.; Kinny, P.D.; Sansom, E.; Taylor, R.J.M.; Hand, M.
2022Uplift-exhumation and preservation of the Yumugou Mo-W deposit, East Qinling, China: Insights from multiple apatite low-temperature thermochronologyYang, F.; Jepson, G.; Liu, C.; Qian, Z.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Glorie, S.
2022N and C Isotope Variations Along an Extreme Eutrophication and Salinity Gradient in the Coorong Lagoon, South AustraliaPriestley, S.C.; Tyler, J.; Liebelt, S.R.; Mosley, L.M.; Wong, W.W.; Shao, Y.; Woolston, Z.; Farrell, M.; Welsh, D.T.; Brookes, J.D.; Collins, A.S.; Keneally, C.; Farkaš, J.
2022Detrital apatite Lu-Hf and U-Pb geochronology applied to the southwestern Siberian marginGlorie, S.; Gillespie, J.; Simpson, A.; Gilbert, S.; Khudoley, A.; Priyatkina, N.; Hand, M.; Kirkland, C.
2022Mafic dykes of the southeastern Gawler Craton: ca 1564 Ma magmatism with an enriched mantle sourceReid, A.J.; Wade, C.E.; Jagodzinski, E.A.
2022Multiple occurrences of pathologies suggesting a common and severe bone infection in a population of the Australian Pleistocene giant, Genyornis newtoni (Aves, Dromornithidae)McInerney, P.L.; Arnold, L.J.; Burke, C.; Camens, A.B.; Worthy, T.H.
2022Topographic insights in the Frome-Callabonna system and the elevation of a newly surveyed highstand shorelineCohen, T.J.; Mogensen, L.; Arnold, L.J.; Li, Z.; Jansen, J.D.; May, J.H.
2022Zircon trace element geochemistry as an indicator of magma fertility in iron oxide copper-gold provincesWade, C.E.; Payne, J.L.; Barovich, K.; Gilbert, S.; Wade, B.P.; Crowley, J.L.; Reid, A.; Jagodzinski, E.A.
2022Tellurium biogeochemical transformation and cycling in a metalliferous semi-arid environmentMissen, O.P.; Etschmann, B.; Mills, S.J.; Sanyal, S.K.; Ram, R.; Shuster, J.; Rea, M.A.D.; Raudsepp, M.J.; Fang, X.Y.; Lausberg, E.R.; Melchiorre, E.; Dodsworth, J.; Liu, Y.; Wilson, S.A.; Brugger, J.
2022Widespread lithogenic control of marine authigenic neodymium isotope records? Implications for paleoceanographic reconstructionsAbbott, A.N.; Löhr, S.C.; Payne, A.; Kumar, H.; Du, J.
2022Investigating the palaeoenvironmental context of Late Pleistocene human dispersals into Southeast Asia: a review of stable isotope applicationsMcAllister, M.S.; Morley, M.W.; Tyler, J.J.; McInerney, F.A.; Blyth, A.J.
2022Examining sediment infill dynamics at Naracoorte cave megafauna sites using multiple luminescence dating signalsArnold, L.J.; Demuro, M.; Power, R.; Priya; Duval, M.; Guilarte, V.; Weij, R.; Woodhead, J.; White, L.; Bourne, S.; Reed, E.H.
2022Glimmerite: A product of melt-rock interaction within a crustal-scale high-strain zoneSilva, D.; Daczko, N.R.; Piazolo, S.; Raimondo, T.
2022A diachronous record of metamorphism in metapelites of the Western Gneiss Region, NorwayMarch, S.; Hand, M.; Tamblyn, R.; Carvalho, B.; Clark, C.; White, R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1448