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Type: Patent
Title: Quantitative trait loci for bovine net feed intake
Author: Pitchford, W.
Bottema, C.
Naik, M.
Issue Date: 2007
Assignee: Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd
Organisation: Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd
Statement of
Pitchford, Wayne; Bottema, Cynthia; Naik, Madan
Abstract: The present invention relates generally to quantitative trait loci (QTL) in animals. More particularly, the present invention relates to QTL for improved feed efficiency, measured as net feed intake, in bovine animals. The QTL identified in accordance with the present invention represent regions of the bovine genome where genetic variation is correlated with the level of feed intake and/or net feed intake in bovine animals.
Contents: Publication Number: WO/2007/070965 International Application No.: PCT/AU2006/001970 Publication Date: 28.06.2007 International Filing Date: 22.12.2006
Patent #: WO/2007/070965
RMID: 0020073788
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