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Type: Conference paper
Title: Techniques and mineral chemistry of high silica bauxite for the Bayer process
Author: Wang, H.
Smith, P.
Ibana, D.
Xu, B.
Zhang, J.
Zhang, Y.
Newcombe, B.
Wang, X.
Weng, W.
Tian, Y.
Wang, K.
Ngothai, Y.
Citation: Proceeding of the Chemeca 2008 Conference: Towards a Sustainable Australasia, 28 September-1 October, 2008: pp. 1678-1686
Publisher: Engineers Australia
Publisher Place: CD
Issue Date: 2008
Conference Name: CHEMECA (36th : 2008 : Newcastle, Australia)
Statement of
Wang Haipeng, Smith Peter, Ibana Don, Xu Bingan, Zhang Jian, Zhang Yao, Newcombe Bianca, Wang Xiaodong, Weng Wubiao, Tian Yuan, Wang Kai and Ngothai Yung
Abstract: In this review paper, the mineral chemistry involved in various techniques in processing high silica for alumina production is discussed. Currently high silica bauxites cannot be economically processed by the Bayer process due to high caustic losses from the "desilication" reactions. Caustic losses occur in processing high silica bauxite account for more than 20% of the alumina production costs. Minimising caustic losses and maximising alumna yield were attempted to reduce the cost for processing low-grade bauxite (high in reactive silica). This review paper summarizes the three major techniques developed for high silica bauxite treatment in Bayer process namely, DSP (desilication products) species control, soda recovery from red mud, line-soda sinter.
Keywords: High-silica bauxite; Bayer process
RMID: 0020084316
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