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2004War-related psychological stressors and risk of psychological disorders in Australian veterans of the 1991 Gulf WarIkin, J.; Sim, M.; Creamer, M.; Forbes, A.; McKenzie, D.; Kelsall, H.; Glass, D.; McFarlane, A.; Abramson, M.; Ittak, P.; Dwyer, T.; Blizzard, L.; Delaney, K.; Horsley, K.; Harrex, W.; Schwarz, H.
2006Early life stress and adult emotional experience: an international perspectiveCohen, R.; Hitsman, B.; Paul, R.; McCaffery, J.; Stroud, L.; Sweet, L.; Gunstad, J.; Niaura, R.; McFarlane, A.; Bryant, R.; Gordon, E.
2005War zone stress without direct combat: The Australian naval experience of the Gulf WarIkin, J.; McKenzie, D.; Creamer, M.; McFarlane, A.; Kelsall, H.; Glass, D.; Forbes, A.; Horsley, K.; Harrex, W.; Sim, M.
2008A confirmatory factor analysis of the Acute Stress Disorder InterviewBrooks, R.; Silove, D.; Bryant, R.; O'Donnell, M.; Creamer, M.; McFarlane, A.
2015A comparison of the capacity of DSM-IV and DSM-5 acute stress disorder definitions to predict posttraumatic stress disorder and related disordersBryant, R.; Creamer, M.; O'Donnell, M.; Silove, D.; McFarlane, A.; Forbes, D.
2016The course of suicide risk following trauma injuryBryant, R.; O'Donnell, M.; Forbes, D.; McFarlane, A.; Silove, D.; Creamer, M.
2016Prediction of late-onset psychiatric disorder in survivors of severe injury: findings of a latent transition analysisForbes, D.; Alkemade, N.; Nickerson, A.; Bryant, R.; Creamer, M.; Silove, D.; McFarlane, A.; Van Hooff, M.; Phelps, A.; Rees, S.; Steele, Z.; O'Donnell, M.
2017The impact of antecedent trauma exposure and mental health symptoms on the post-deployment mental health of Afghanistan-deployed Australian troopsSearle, A.; Van Hooff, M.; Lawrence-Wood, E.; Grace, B.; Saccone, E.; Davy, C.; Lorimer, M.; McFarlane, A.
2022Longitudinal relationship between posttraumatic stress symptoms and physical symptoms in military veteransGraham, K.; Lawrence-Wood, E.; McFarlane, A.
2018The effect of post-traumatic stress disorder on refugees' parenting and their children's mental health: a cohort studyBryant, R.; Edwards, B.; Creamer, M.; O'Donnell, M.; Forbes, D.; Felmingham, K.; Silove, D.; Steel, Z.; Nickerson, A.; McFarlane, A.; Van Hooff, M.; Hadzi-Pavlovic, D.