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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Functionalised silica/epoxy nanocomposites with enhanced fracture toughness for large-scale applicationsHan, W.; Yu, Y.; Fang, L.; Johnston, M.; Qiao, S.; Tang, Y.
2014Influences of spinel type and polymeric surfactants on the size evolution of colloidal magnetic nanocrystals (MFe₂O₄, M= Fe, Mn)Bastami, T.; Entezari, M.; Kwong, C.; Qiao, S.
2012Enhancing the conversion efficiency of semiconductor sensitized solar cells via the cosensitization of dual-sized quantum dotsSong, J.; Song, X.; Ling, T.; Du, X.; Qiao, S.
2012Carbon-based catalyst support in fuel cell applicationsLiang, J.; Qiao, S.; Lu, G.; Hulicova-Jurcakova, D.
2010Titanate-silica mesostructured nanocables: synthesis, structural analysis and biomedical applicationsSu, Y.; Qiao, S.; Yang, H.; Yang, C.; Jin, Y.; Stahr, F.; Sheng, J.; Cheng, L.; Ling, C.; Lu, G.
2011Ellipsoidal hollow nanostructures assembled from anatase TiO₂ nanosheets as a magnetically separable photocatalystChen, J.; Chen, C.; Liu, J.; Xu, R.; Qiao, S.; Lou, X.
2013Nanotechnology for sustainable energyHu, Y.; Burghaus, U.; Qiao, S.
2012Magnetic silica spheres with large nanopores for nucleic acid adsorption and cellular uptakeLiu, J.; Wang, B.; Hartono, S.; Liu, T.; Kantharidis, P.; Middelberg, A.; Lu, G.; He, L.; Qiao, S.
2011Synthesis and application of hollow nanostructured silicaLiu, J.; Qiao, S.; Lu, G.
2017Dendritic porous yolk@ordered mesoporous shell structured heterogeneous nanocatalysts with enhanced stabilityDu, X.; Zhao, C.; Luan, Y.; Zhang, C.; Jaroniec, M.; Huang, H.; Zhang, X.; Qiao, S.