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2012Knowledge translation in healthcareKitson, A.; Wiechula, R.; Salmond, S.; Jordan, Z.
2018Embedding fundamental care in the pre-registration nursing curriculum: results from a pilot studyFeo, R.; Donnelly, F.; Frensham, L.; Conroy, T.; Kitson, A.
2006From scholarship to action and innovationKitson, A.
2018How fundamental aspects of nursing care are defined in the literature: a scoping reviewFeo, R.; Kitson, A.; Conroy, T.
2013Stroke survivors' experiences of the fundamentals of care: A qualitative analysisKitson, A.; Dow, C.; Calabrese, J.; Locock, L.; Muntlin Athlin, A.
2019“It's just common sense”: preconceptions and myths regarding fundamental careFeo, R.; Frensham, L.; Conroy, T.; Kitson, A.
2019Mobilising evidence to improve nursing practice: A qualitative study of leadership roles and processes in four countriesHarvey, G.; Gifford, W.; Cummings, G.; Kelly, J.; Kislov, R.; Kitson, A.; Pettersson, L.; Wallin, L.; Wilson, P.; Ehrenberg, A.
2013Knowledge translation within a population health study: how do you do it?Kitson, A.; Powell, K.; Hoon, E.; Newbury, J.; Wilson, A.; Beilby, J.
2013Reclaiming and redefining the Fundamentals of Care: Nursing's response to meeting patients' basic human needsKitson, A.; Conroy, T.; Kuluski, K.; Locock, L.; Lyons, R.
2016Patients with acute abdominal pain describe their experiences of fundamental care across the acute care episode: a multi-stage qualitative case studyJangland, E.; Kitson, A.; Muntlin Athlin, Å.