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Type: Patent
Title: Treatment of infertility using TGF-beta or Activin
Author: Robertson, S.
Tremellen, K.
Issue Date: 2006
Contributor: Webber, Philip Michael et al
Statement of
Invented by S. A. Robertson, K. P. Tremellen; Assigned to The University of Adelaide; Webber, Philip Michael et al agents for inventors.
Abstract: A method of treating an infertility condition in humans or mammals, by exposure of a prospective mother to TGF'beta' or derivative or analog of TGF'beta'. The exposure is advantageously in conjunction with one or more antigens of a prospective father so that a hyporesponsive immune reaction is mounted to the one or more antigens of the prospective father.
Keywords: EP 1028743 B1
Description: PATENT: S. A. Robertson, K. P. Tremellen (Assignee: The University of Adelaide). EP 1028743 B1 (PCT/AU98/00149) filed Mar 6, 1998; published Jul 26, 2006.
Patent #: 1028743
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