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dc.contributor.authorMaxted, N.-
dc.contributor.authorRowell, G.-
dc.contributor.authorDawson, B.-
dc.contributor.authorBurton, M.-
dc.contributor.authorFukui, Y.-
dc.contributor.authorLazendic, J.-
dc.contributor.authorKawamura, A.-
dc.contributor.authorHorachi, H.-
dc.contributor.authorSano, H.-
dc.contributor.authorWalsh, A.-
dc.contributor.authorYoshiike, S.-
dc.contributor.authorFukuda, T.-
dc.identifier.citationPublications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 2013; 30(1):e055-1-e055-14-
dc.description.abstractWe present results from a Mopra 7 mm-wavelength survey that targeted the dense gas-tracing CS(1-0) transition towards the young γ-ray-bright supernova remnant, RX J1713.7–3946 (SNR G 347.3−0.5). In a hadronic γ-ray emission scenario, where cosmic ray (CR) protons interact with gas to produce the observed γ-ray emission, the mass of potential CR target material is an important factor. We summarise newly discovered dense gas components, towards Cores G and L, and Clumps N1, N2, N3, and T1, which have masses of 1 – 104 M⊙. We argue that these components are not likely to contribute significantly to γ-ray emission in a hadronic γ-ray emission scenario. This would be the case if RX J1713.7–3946 were at either the currently favoured distance of ~1 kpc or an alternate distance (as suggested in some previous studies) of ~6 kpc. This survey also targeted the shock-tracing SiO molecule. Although no SiO emission corresponding to the RX J1713.7–3946 shock was observed, vibrationally excited SiO(1-0) maser emission was discovered towards what may be an evolved star. Observations taken 1 yr apart confirmed a transient nature, since the intensity, line-width, and central velocity of SiO(J = 1-0,v = 1,2) emission varied significantly.-
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityNigel I. Maxted, Gavin P. Rowell, Bruce R. Dawson, Michael G. Burton, Yasuo Fukui, Jasmina Lazendic, Akiko Kawamura, Hirotaka Horachi, Hidetoshi Sano, Andrew J. Walsh, Satoshi Yoshiike, and Tatsuya Fukuda-
dc.publisherCambridge University Press-
dc.rights© Astronomical Society of Australia 2013-
dc.subjectcosmic rays; gamma rays: ISM; ISM: clouds; molecular data; supernovae: individual: RX J1713.7−3946-
dc.titleDense gas towards the Rx J1713.7-3946 supernova remnant-
dc.typeJournal article-
dc.identifier.orcidRowell, G. [0000-0002-9516-1581]-
dc.identifier.orcidDawson, B. [0000-0002-4271-3055]-
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