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Type: Journal article
Title: Effect of restriction of placental growth on the concentrations of insulin, glucose and placental-lactogen in the plasma of sheep
Author: Falconer, J.
Owens, J.
Allotta, E.
Robinson, J.
Citation: Journal of Endocrinology, 1985; 106(1):7-11
Publisher: BioScientifica
Issue Date: 1985
ISSN: 1479-6805
Statement of
J. Falconer, J. A. Owens, E. Allotta and J. S. Robinson
Abstract: The effect of restricting placental growth on maternal glucose, insulin and placental lactogen was investigated in 16 ewes carrying singleton lambs. Uterine caruncles were removed from seven ewes (caruncle ewes) before pregnancy, resulting in reduced placental size and retarded intra-uterine fetal growth. The concentration of insulin in maternal plasma was similar in both control and caruncle ewes. The concentration of glucose was significantly higher in the caruncle than in the control ewes (3·26 ± 0·15 (S.E.M.) mmol/l, number of observations (n) = 9, vs 2·75 ± 0·1, n = 9, P<0·02, and 3·27 ±0·16, n = 7, vs 2·46± 0·11, n = 12, P<0·001, for the carotid artery and utero-ovarian vein respectively). The concentration of ovine placental lactogen (oPL) in the utero-ovarian vein was reduced in the caruncle compared with the control ewes (283± 65 μg/l, n = and 705±106 μg/l, n = 18, P<0·02, respectively). Restriction of placental growth by removal of endometrial caruncles similarly reduced the concentrations of oPL in maternal arterial plasma (231±54 μg/l, n = 9, and 621±96 μg/l, n = 18, P<0·002). Production of oPL by the placenta was also reduced by limiting placental growth to 30±11 μg/min, n = 8, compared with 133±43 μg/min, n = 15, P<0·05, for the controls. Production of oPL per gram of placenta in the caruncle group, although only 34% of the control value, was not reduced significantly. These observations are consistent with the hypothesis that oPL may be involved in the redirection of maternal glucose during pregnancy to maximize the amount available for the fetus.
Keywords: Placenta; Animals; Sheep; Ovary; Uterus; Fetal Blood; Insulin; Placental Lactogen; Blood Glucose; Growth; Pregnancy; Female
Rights: © 1985 Journal of Endocrinology
RMID: 0030016878
DOI: 10.1677/joe.0.1060007
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