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Type: Journal article
Title: Adjustment of host cells for accommodation of symbiotic bacteria: vacuole defunctionalization, HOPS suppression, and TIP1g retargeting in medicago
Author: Gavrin, A.
Kaiser, B.
Geiger, D.
Tyerman, S.
Wen, Z.
Bisseling, T.
Fedorov, E.
Citation: The Plant Cell, 2014; 26(9):3809-3822
Publisher: American Society of Plant Biologists
Issue Date: 2014
ISSN: 1040-4651
Statement of
Aleksandr Gavrin, Brent N. Kaiser, Dietmar Geiger, Stephen D. Tyerman, Zhengyu Wen, Ton Bisseling and Elena E. Fedorova
Abstract: In legume-rhizobia symbioses, the bacteria in infected cells are enclosed in a plant membrane, forming organelle-like compartments called symbiosomes. Symbiosomes remain as individual units and avoid fusion with lytic vacuoles of host cells. We observed changes in the vacuole volume of infected cells and thus hypothesized that microsymbionts may cause modifications in vacuole formation or function. To examine this, we quantified the volumes and surface areas of plant cells, vacuoles, and symbiosomes in root nodules of Medicago truncatula and analyzed the expression and localization of VPS11 and VPS39, members of the HOPS vacuole-tethering complex. During the maturation of symbiosomes to become N2-fixing organelles, a developmental switch occurs and changes in vacuole features are induced. For example, we found that expression of VPS11 and VPS39 in infected cells is suppressed and host cell vacuoles contract, permitting the expansion of symbiosomes. Trafficking of tonoplast-targeted proteins in infected symbiotic cells is also altered, as shown by retargeting of the aquaporin TIP1g from the tonoplast membrane to the symbiosome membrane. This retargeting appears to be essential for the maturation of symbiosomes. We propose that these alterations in the function of the vacuole are key events in the adaptation of the plant cell to host intracellular symbiotic bacteria.
Keywords: Cell Membrane
Plants, Genetically Modified
Medicago truncatula
Multiprotein Complexes
Plant Proteins
Staining and Labeling
Nitrogen Fixation
Gene Expression Regulation, Plant
RNA Interference
Protein Transport
Hydrogen-Ion Concentration
Root Nodules, Plant
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DOI: 10.1105/tpc.114.128736
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