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Type: Journal article
Title: Testing telepathy in the medium/proxy-sitter dyad: a protocol focusing on the source-of-psi problem
Author: Rock, A.
Storm, L.
Citation: Journal of Scientific Exploration, 2015; 29(4):565-584
Publisher: Society for Scientific Exploration
Issue Date: 2015
ISSN: 0892-3310
Statement of
Adam J. Rock, Lance Storm
Abstract: Numerous mediumship studies (e.g., Beischel & Schwartz 2007, Kelly & Arcangel 2011, Rock, Beischel, Boccuzzi, & Biuso 2014) have reported statistically significant results, thus suggesting that various contemporary mediums are able to demonstrate anomalous information reception (AIR) under laboratory conditions. Importantly, however, such studies are unable to address the source of mediums’ AIR. Indeed, the source-of-psi problem (survival-psi and living agent psi [LAP] being the most likely contenders) cannot be resolved using current methodologies (Beischel 2012). However, innovative mediumship-testing techniques may produce results that indicate a convergence whereby sets of outcomes may evidentially favor one hypothesis over another (e.g., see Jamieson & Rock 2014 for a neurophenomenological approach). We present an innovative methodology focused on investigating whether mediums and well-rehearsed proxy-sitters, working under well-beyond double-blind conditions, create telepathic links that we refer to as dyad-telepathy, thereby producing response sets that indicate the psi source is more likely to be dyad-telepathy than a discarnate entity.
Keywords: dyad-telepathy; living agent psi; LAP; mediumship; source-of- psi problem; survival; telepathy
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