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Type: Journal article
Title: Transition metal alkynyl complexes by transmetallation from Au(C CAr)(PPh3) (Ar = C6H5 or C6H4Me-4)
Author: Khairul, W.
Fox, M.
Zaitseva, N.
Gaudio, M.
Yufit, D.
Skelton, B.
White, A.
Howard, J.
Bruce, M.
Low, P.
Citation: Dalton Transactions: an international journal of inorganic chemistry, 2009; 2009(4):610-620
Publisher: Royal Soc Chemistry
Issue Date: 2009
ISSN: 1477-9226
Statement of
Wan M. Khairul, Mark A. Fox, Natasha N. Zaitseva, Maryka Gaudio, Dmitry S. Yufit, Brian W. Skelton, Allan H. White, Judith A. K. Howard, Michael I. Bruce and Paul J. Low
Abstract: Facile acetylide transfer reactions take place between gold(I) complexes Au(C[triple bond]CAr)(PPh3) (Ar = C6H5 or C6H4Me-4) and a variety of representative inorganic and organometallic complexes MXL, (M = metal, X = halide, L, = supporting ligands) featuring metals from groups 8-11, to afford the corresponding metal-alkynyl complexes M(C[triple bond]CR)Ln in modest to good yield. Reaction products have been characterised by spectroscopic methods, and molecular structure determinations are reported for Fe(C[triple bond]CC6H4Me-4)(dppe)Cp, Ru(C[triple bond]CC6H4Me-4)(dppe)Cp*, Ru(C=CCsF,)(l2-O2)(PPh3)Cp*, Ir(C-CC6H4Me-4)(eta2-O2)(CO)(PPh3), Ni(C[triple bond]CC6H4Me-4)(PPh3)Cp and trans-Pt(C[triple bond]CAr)2L2 (Ar = C6H5, L = PPh3; Ar = C6H4Me-4, L = PPh3, PMe3).
DOI: 10.1039/b809960j
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