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2006The margin of safety of a left double-lumen tracheobronchial tube depends on the length of the bronchial cuff and tipPartridge, L.; Russell, W.
2006Cytochrome P450 1A2 is a target antigen in hepatitic graft-versus-host diseaseMullighan, C.; Bogdanos, D.; Vergani, D.; Bardy, P.
2006Shared meanings: preferred terms and definitions for safety and quality conceptsRunciman, W.
2006A prospective, multi-method, multi-disciplinary, multi-level, collaborative, social-organisational design for researching health sector accreditation [LP0560737]Braithwaite, J.; Westbrook, J.; Pawsey, M.; Greenfield, D.; Naylor, J.; Iedema, R.; Runciman, W.; Redman, S.; Jorm, C.; Robinson, M.; Nathan, S.; Gibberd, R.
2006An audit of intrathecal morphine analgesia for non-obstetric postsurgical patients in an adult tertiary hospitalLim, P.; Macintyre, P.
2006PseudoanaphylaxisRussell, W.; Smith, W.
2006Techniques for preventing hypotension during spinal anaesthesia for caesarean sectionCyna, A.; Andrew, M.; Emmett, R.; Middleton, P.; Simmons, S.
2006Long-standing type II diabetes mellitus is not a risk factor for slow gastric emptying in critically ill patientsNguyen, Q.; Chapman, M.; Fraser, R.; Ritz, M.; Bryant, L.; Butler, R.; Davidson, G.; Zacharakis, B.; Holloway, R.
2006Incidents during out-of-hospital patient transportationFlabouris, A.; Runciman, W.; Levings, B.
2006Are systemic emboli reduced in computer-assisted knee surgery? A prospective, randomised, clinical trialKalairajah, Y.; Cossey, A.; Verrall, G.; Ludbrook, G.; Spriggins, A.