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2021Site specific mutations of GalR affect galactose metabolism in Streptococcus pneumoniaeMcLean, K.T.; Tikhomirova, A.; Brazel, E.B.; Legendre, S.; Haasbroek, G.; Minhas, V.; Paton, J.C.; Trappetti, C.
2021Large metabolic rewiring from small genomic changes between strains of Shigella flexneriDoore, S.M.; Subramanian, S.; Tefft, N.M.; Morona, R.; TerAvest, M.A.; Parent, K.N.
2021Adjuvant selection for influenza and RSV prefusion subunit vaccinesIsaacs, A.; Li, Z.; Cheung, S.T.M.; Wijesundara, D.K.; McMillan, C.L.D.; Modhiran, N.; Young, P.R.; Ranasinghe, C.; Watterson, D.; Chappell, K.J.
2021Phylogenomic analyses of nucleotide-sugar biosynthetic and interconverting enzymes illuminate cell wall composition in fungiSchwerdt, J.; Qiu, H.; Shirley, N.; Little, A.; Bulone, V.
2021To make or take: bacterial lipid homeostasis during InfectionAdams, F.G.; Trappetti, C.; Waters, J.K.; Zang, M.; Brazel, E.B.; Paton, J.C.; Snel, M.F.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.
2021Prevention of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) transmission in residential aged care using ultraviolet light (PETRA): a two-arm crossover randomised controlled trial protocolBrass, A.; Shoubridge, A.P.; Crotty, M.; Morawska, L.; Bell, S.C.; Qiao, M.; Woodman, R.J.; Whitehead, C.; Inacio, M.C.; Miller, C.; Corlis, M.; Larby, N.; Elms, L.; Sims, S.K.; Taylor, S.L.; Flynn, E.; Papanicolas, L.E.; Rogers, G.B.
2021A single nucleotide polymorphism in an IgA1 protease gene determines Streptococcus pneumoniae adaptation to the middle ear during otitis mediaTikhomirova, A.; Trappetti, C.; Paton, J.C.; Watson-Haigh, N.; Wabnitz, D.; Jervis-Bardy, J.; Jardeleza, C.; Kidd, S.P.
2021Gold particle geomicrobiology: using viable bacteria as a model for understanding microbe–mineral interactionsSanyal, S.K.; Shuster, J.
2021Absence of high priority critically important antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella sp. isolated from Australian commercial egg layer environmentsVeltman, T.; Jordan, D.; McDevitt, C.A.; Bell, J.; Howden, B.P.; Valcanis, M.; O'Dea, M.; Abraham, S.; Scott, P.; Kovac, J.H.; Chia, R.; Combs, B.; Chousalkar, K.; Wilson, T.; Trott, D.J.
2021The membrane composition defines the spatial organization and function of a major Acinetobacter baumannii drug efflux systemZang, M.; MacDermott-Opeskin, H.; Adams, F.G.; Naidu, V.; Waters, J.K.; Carey, A.B.; Ashenden, A.; McLean, K.T.; Brazel, E.B.; Jiang, J.-H.; Panizza, A.; Trappetti, C.; Paton, J.C.; Peleg, A.Y.; Köper, I.; Paulsen, I.T.; Hassan, K.A.; O'Mara, M.L.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.
2021The revival of dithiocarbamates – from pesticides to innovative medical treatmentsKaul, L.; Süss, R.; Zannettino, A.; Richter, K.
2021The structural basis of bacterial manganese importNeville, S.L.; Sjöhamn, J.; Watts, J.A.; MacDermott-Opeskin, H.; Fairweather, S.J.; Ganio, K.; Carey Hulyer, A.; McGrath, A.P.; Hayes, A.J.; Malcolm, T.R.; Davies, M.R.; Nomura, N.; Iwata, S.; O'Mara, M.L.; Maher, M.J.; McDevitt, C.A.
2021Conformation of the solute-binding protein AdcAII influences zinc uptake in streptococcus pneumoniaeŽupan, M.L.; Luo, Z.; Ganio, K.; Pederick, V.G.; Neville, S.L.; Deplazes, E.; Kobe, B.; McDevitt, C.A.
2021Guidelines for reporting on animal fecal transplantation (GRAFT) studies: recommendations from a systematic review of murine transplantation protocolsSecombe, K.R.; Al-Qadami, G.H.; Subramaniam, C.B.; Bowen, J.M.; Scott, J.; Van Sebille, Y.Z.A.; Snelson, M.; Cowan, C.; Clarke, G.; Gheorghe, C.E.; Cryan, J.F.; Wardill, H.R.
2021Antibiotic-induced depletion of gut microbiota reduces injury area and duration of radiation-induced oral mucositis in ratsAl-Qadami, G.; Verma, G.; Van Sebille, Y.; Le, H.; Hewson, I.; Bowen, J.; MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting (24 Jun 2021 - 26 Jun 2021 : virtual online)
2021Gold particles from Kamchatka: a brief look at gold biogeochemical cycling in a distinct environmentRea, M.A.D.; Brugger, J.; Etschmann, B.; Okrugin, V.; Shuster, J.
2020Structural and functional characterizations of the C-terminal domains of CzcD proteinsUdagedara, S.R.; La Porta, D.M.; Spehar, C.; Purohit, G.; Hein, M.J.A.; Fatmous, M.E.; Casas Garcia, G.P.; Ganio, K.; McDevitt, C.A.; Maher, M.J.
2020Intracellular accumulation of staphylopine can sensitize Staphylococcus aureus to host-imposed zinc starvation by chelation-independent toxicityGrim, K.P.; Radin, J.N.; Párraga Solórzano, P.K.; Morey, J.R.; Frye, K.A.; Ganio, K.; Neville, S.L.; McDevitt, C.A.; Kehl-Fie, T.E.
2020The role of zinc efflux during Acinetobacter baumannii infectionAlquethamy, S.; Adams, F.G.; Naidu, V.; Khorvash, M.; Pederick, V.G.; Zang, M.; Paton, J.C.; Paulsen, I.T.; Hassan, K.; Cain, A.K.; McDevitt, C.A.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.
2020Wine terroir and the soil microbiome: an amplicon sequencing–based assessment of the Barossa Valley and its sub-regionsZhou, J.; Cavagnaro, T.; De Bei, R.; Nelson, T.; Stephen, J.; Metcalfe, A.; Gilliham, M.; Breen, J.; Collins, C.; Rodríguez López, C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 372